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The bottom line to what we do is...ethics and loyalty matter.
We've poured a decade of learnings into our unique model. By combining the right technologies for measuring and managing programs with strategies informed by data, our services are best-in-class and comprehensive for any influencer marketing need.
Content that fits your audience
We’ll analyze your post history and audience to match you with brands you already love, or to introduce you to products and services that are a fit with your current interests.
Grow your audience
We’re here to give you tools to grow your influence even further with complimentary amplification of your posts.
Pilot new products
We’ll invite you to get your hands on the latest products from brands you chose and love so you can try for yourself and give your followers honest feedback and recommendations.

Unique nature of influencer marketing

We believe if you want to know how someone feels, ask them. The unique nature of influencer marketing is such that influencers' enthusiasm (or lack thereof) can impact campaign results. There has been no better time to ‘make it’ sharing your thoughts and life online. Brands are eager to make meaningful and long-term relationships with influencers both big and growing.

Going Beyond the POST!

Social media needs to go beyond the POST. Think about this, the role of an influencer today has expanded well beyond a sponsored post. CollectiveHIVE helps clients unlock the full potential of influencer-led advertising across the entire marketing ecosystem.
CollectiveHIVE focuses on both halves of influencer marketing, acting both as an agency for companies wanting to engage in influencer marketing, as well as representing the influencers themselves. 
But even though influencers are more popular than ever, you can’t slack on your A-Game. Keep this in mind, as influencer marketing continues to become more popular, two of the biggest challenges brands run into is finding influencers they can trust and managing the relationships. This is where CollectiveHIVE comes in. We continue to build awesome relationships with the most creative influencers across all social media platforms and content categories spanning across Asia, Middle East, Europe, Latin America, Mexico and North America. 



Our influencers must have a proven track record including consistently posting as well as consistent follower growth. We value quality over quantity, so there is a delicate balance between how many shares and comments you receive on average, and how many followers/views the content is exposed to.
Apply now to start getting opportunities for campaigns.
Once an influencer applies to our network, we match brands to influencers that are the best fit for the brand’s influencer specifications.

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