A Global Platform of POTENTIAL

Imagine staying independent but with immediate access to like-minded agency owners around the world. Especially when a brand you handle wants to expand. And what’s more: Imagine being able to share ideas and knowledge with peers who are not competitors.

Like-Minded Agency OWNERS

You will gain access to a global network of like-minded agency owners, who are not competitors and who are willing to share best business practices, tools, and knowledge. CollectiveHIVE is a network of small to mid-sized owner-operated agencies uniquely positioned to provide necessary resources throughout major worldwide markets, enabling each of us to attract new business together easier and faster than ever before. You’ll get access to agency partners in other countries to work with. Everyone and everything you need to grow your business in a nimble, responsive manner.


As a small owner-operated agency it can be challenging finding resources let alone trying to compete for bigger business that will help your agency grow. That changes from today moving forward, you have made a great decision that will not only grow your agency but provide a global solution that is agile and responsive. We research, guide, probe, and inspire our agency partner network members.

We call on the resources of our network, as little and as much as you need to retain and grow your business.




Our core values


A committed persistence to win nurtured by a culture of fun and challenging work


Creatively capitalizing on emerging technologies and deep industry knowledge


Honoring teamwork partnerships and collaboration


Fearlessly pursuing continual improvement


CollectiveHIVE’s Agency Partner Network is truly one collaboration platform where operational teams can "plug in" and connect with like-minded teams around the globe (Creative Directors with Creative Directors, Strategic Planners with Strategic Planners, Media Heads with Media Heads, etc.). Our belief is that it’s not just the agency owners or CEOs who should benefit from CollectiveHIVE’s agency membership but also the agency staff. Agency Partner Network members share and share alike, and everyone gains practical and leading-edge knowledge, skills, and insights when working together. 

We Are CHANGING The Industry

Companies are looking for agencies that have experienced resources and locations that match up to their footprint. Companies continue to struggle with their technology infrastructure and online digital capabilities. Design, search, traditional, and social media are often handled by different agencies that don’t coordinate with one another.


When a client hires a CollectiveHIVE Agency Partner Network member, they benefit from a global team that is already established in their market and ready to work. This direct contact, without central office intermediaries, saves time and money and ensures that information is delivered in its entirety.

Annual Membership INVESTMENT

We help your agency with:

  • New business introductions and attracting new business internationally
  • Provide new business training for agency staff
  • Enhance best practices
  • Provide peer groups
  • Improve agency operations
  • Assist in implementing research
  • Provide access to common media and research
  • Arrange annual conferences, workshops, and seminars
  • Provide access to the expertise and specialized capabilities of network partners
  • Arrange for group insurance plans, legal services, etc.
  • Create and share results of business and salary surveys
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